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Meet our founders

Carolina Guerrero

CEO, Radio Ambulante

Under Carolina's leadership, Radio Ambulante has spearheaded growth in the podcast industry across Latin America, with a sustainable business model based on derivative products that serve the needs of its global audience. Carolina was a John S. Knight Journalism fellow at Stanford University.

Daniel Alarcón

Executive producer, Radio Ambulante

In addition to his work at Radio Ambulante, Daniel covers Latin America as a contributing writer at the New Yorker, and is a novelist whose books have been translated into more than 15 languages. Daniel teaches at Columbia University’s Journalism School.

Daniel Raynaud

CEO, Jiveworld

Daniel is an entrepreneur, investor, and musician. His love of languages comes from a life working and performing across five continents. He champions self-powered entrepreneurship—a reaction to 18 years in the belly of Silicon Valley and "unicorn-think".

Joseph Elliott

CTO, Jiveworld

Joseph is a serial entrepreneur who's focused the last 12 years on social ventures related to food co-ops, and payment processing systems that help small businesses and non-profits. The leitmotif of his ventures have been long term ownership and sustainability.

About Lupa

Lupa is a language learning app that combines compelling editorial content with breakthrough technology to help intermediate Spanish language learners truly understand native Spanish speakers. Lupa is a partnership of Radio Ambulante, NPR’s award-winning Spanish language narrative journalism podcast, and Jiveworld, a Silicon Valley ed-tech innovator.

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