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Learn with the Jiveworld Method while listening to moving, funny and engaging stories from an award-winning Spanish language podcast.

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Enigmas del cerebro: Five mind-bending stories

The brain is — by a light-year — the most complex and least understood of our organs. We don't even know all it does, let alone how it works. When some aspect of it fails (say, losing our memory), or works differently (what if words had actual flavors?) it can throw us onto a new course, sometimes frightening, but sometimes marvelous.

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How it works

You'll be listening to real radio stories – produced for native speakers – with just enough help to keep you on track.

  1. Native speakers, speaking natively

    You need real Spanish — not ”slow” Spanish — to develop a fluent ear. Lupa features extraordinary people from all over Latin America telling their story, in their own voice.

  2. Award-winning true stories

    Radio Ambulante’s journalism has won numerous accolades, including the prestigious Gabriel García Márquez Prize.

  3. Accelerated learning

    Jiveworld's innovations let you tackle challenging material while your ears, not your eyes, do the heavy lifting.

  4. Living language

    Yes, you'll learn a ton of new vocab. But you'll also rediscover familiar words and phrases rooted in different contexts which can completely change their meaning.

  5. Travel-friendly

    Lupa goes where you go, whether you're connected or not. Download the stories for a plane ride, a camping trip, or wherever your travels take you.

  6. Set and achieve your goals

    Lupa gives you a simple way to track your efforts over time. You don't need trophies — your rewards are the authentic moments you'll experience with a true mastery of Spanish.

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