Bring Spanish to life in your classroom

Lupa gives your students an immersive learning experience with authentic Latin American audio stories, in a cutting-edge app unlike anything you've seen before.

For AP Spanish level and above.

  1. Stories they'll love

    Crafted by the award-winning Radio Ambulante, Lupa brings tales of love and adventure, triumph against adversity, and sometimes devastating heartbreak. Your students will connect to these stories emotionally, intellectually, and culturally.

  2. Level up

    The Jiveworld Method adapts to the needs of the individual student, providing scaffolding to the audio stories that can be added or removed. They self-study at home, and everyone comes to class ready to discuss and explore.

  3. Building blocks for fluency

    Lupa works with the student's natural concentration span, in a way that makes the language stick. Stories divide into 2-4 minute chapters; chapters into annotated passages; and the inline vocabulary hints are organized as multi-word expressions.

  4. Beyond the classroom

    Your students will be hearing people from all over Latin America, from all walks of life, telling their own stories. Their ears will adapt to a wide range of accents and natural idioms giving them confidence to engage with the entire Spanish-speaking world.

In less than five minutes...

... you can be ready to go with your own Lupa Classroom. You can assign stories, set due dates, and track your students' progress. We even have two complimentary stories, with lesson plans, to get you started (no credit card required).

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